WMC 2010 Round Up: Day One

Mobile World Congress is a huge event in terms of information to cover. A good part of the show is related to hardware, applications and services targeted towards phone manufacturers, carriers,… so not really related to Android but even with most parts of the floor unrelated to it, there is a lot to see and report related to Android, both hardware and software. Here a short summary of what I’ve seen today.

Compaq Airlife 100: I hope this notebook will quickly be available to all and not strictly in Spain with just one operator (Telefonica). It is a very nice looking device with a fantastic battery life. The keyboard has fairly large keys for a device of this size.  Showing true focus on Android, it has all the specific keys for the platform (Home, Menu, Back).  You can tell that this is not simply an adaptation of a Windows notebook but really an Android device. The touch screen is easy to use but I imagine this will not be the first way to interface with the device, it would be  with the keyboard or the touchpad.

Garmin-Asus Nuvifone N50: A phone for a niche market, naturally the main usage would be in your car but the interface developed by Garmin is rather nice. It will be first distributed by O2 Germany with more carriers to come.

Skype: There were no Android phones to demo in Skype booth (plenty of Nokia, iPhone) but there should be some announcement tomorrow during the joint press conference with Verizon. I’ve been told to come back so, it is fair to assume that a better version of Skype is coming to Android very soon.

Endomondo: This is community based sports tracking application, available for free on the market. What is interesting in this product is the list of sports.  Besides the classic running and cycling you will find skiing, kite surfing, sailing and many more.

Adobe Flash and AIR: Adobe have announced that AIR will be available on Android and they had few devices on demo with applications. These few AIR apps look identical to how they would on a desktop browser.  Adobe’s aim is to bring all these apps directly to Android (and other mobiles platform) without the need for the developers to adapt their source code.

I have been meeting many other companies so expect posts about each after the show.  Be sure to come back for more!