WSJ: ZTE says “me too” for smartwatches

Smartwatches by everyone, for everyone! At least, that’s the approach companies are taking as rumors swirl about an iWatch, the Pebble smartwatch continues to improve and impress, and every other tech company on the planet hints at a forthcoming smartwatch.

The latest report, courtesy of The Wall Street Journal, states ZTE is working on a smartwatch. The current launch timeframe is the second quarter of next year. This isn’t a rumor, as it came straight from Lu Qianhao, ZTE’s head of marketing strategy.

The plan is to launch it in China first, followed by the US and Europe later on.

The unnamed watch will only be compatible with other ZTE handsets. As for pricing, ZTE claims it will take its familiar low-cost approach to the forthcoming watch.

We will be sure to follow up on this one when then watch is unveiled sometime in the first quarter of 2014.