X-Ray App for Android Devices

The guys at Stimulus have propped up an exciting app called XRay which displays an XRay image on the phone when it is placed over the Microsoft Surface. Presently their app is iPhone compatible, but according to the post on their labs, the app is also said to work on Android and Windows based mobile devices.

The app takes advantage of the Surface’s object recognition technologies to recognize the position of the number of phones on the surface. The app literally allows the device to “see through” the images and reveal a second layer of information.

This is what they say inspired them to develop such an exciting app:

The possibilities here are fairly extensive; what’s most interesting to us is the potential for adding a layer of personalized information on top of a public computing experience. This could enable users to capture content and take it with them, or to have the system display a personalized information layer (translated text/larger-print type/private messages) for individual users of a multi-user system.

Its immediate use though is pretty obscure.  it could well end up strictly as entertainment and coolness to go along with the excitement around Surface.