Xoom Headed to U.S. Cellular?

The Xoom is the Android tablet right now, at least in terms of mass media and acceptance. Of course, it’s the only Honeycomb tablet that’s actually on the market at the moment, but it still has a firm foot in the Android tablet game. According to a leaked screenshot obtained by AndroidCentral, U.S. Cellular will be carrying the 10.1-inch, dual-core processor tablet sometime in the second quarter. No word on whether it will utilize their cellular network, like the Verizon Xoom, or if it’ll be a MiFi device, following the Cellular South version. It’s also worth noting that there’s a Sprint Xoom floating around out there, but nothing’s been confirmed yet.

We’ll try to do more digging and find some answers to these questions, but in the meantime, one can only wonder what the price tag will be on the U.S. Cellular Xoom. Thoughts? Are any of our readers, that are currently using U.S. Cellular, planning to buy the Xoom when it drops? Sound off in the comments below!