Zynga Pulls Honeycomb Support for Words With Friends

Way back in early February, Zynga gave us a glimpse at one of the apps/games to feature Honeycomb support in the much anticipated Words With Friends.  The developers were all too excited to show us just how cool fragments would work in Android, and we were all too excited about the Scrabble-like game.  Cut to a several months and countless updates later.  Honeycomb devices like the Xoom and Galaxy Tab 10.1 have been forced to run the standard, albeit buggy version of Words With Friends.  Four months after its initial unveiling these users are still waiting on the tablet friendly version.  And now things have taken another turn.  

Try to search for Words With Friends in the Android Market from your Honeycomb tablet and see what you get for results.  Well, you get a few goofy returns but nothing from Zynga.  The developers have recently made a change to the game to where only 2.1 – 2.3.3 devices can install the app.  What gives?

Our hope here is that Zynga is putting the final touches on the HC version and that it will be arriving any day.  It could also be that that they received so many complaints from tablet users that they simply scrapped support altogether.  Or maybe just for now.

An Android Police reader recently reached out to the developers to ask about tablet support and received the following email reply.

Thank you for contacting Zynga With Friends Customer Support!

Currently, Words With Friends and Chess With Friends are only supported on Apple

Someone tell the guy behind Zynga’s emails that they do, in fact, have an app in the Android Market.  It just doesn’t work for tablets.



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