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The best unlocked Android phone deals on Amazon this New Year’s Day

Why not ring in the new year with a new phone? Being that Amazon is the internet’s largest retailer, it may be that you’re sitting on Amazon gift cards from the holidays.

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No more two-year phone contracts for AT&T customers

The standard contract plans are fast becoming a thing of history, and AT&T has become the latest carrier to bid adieu to its two-year locking period. In order to buy a new

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What if the iPhone ran Android, and Google didn’t allow iOS users to use Google Search, Gmail and YouTube?

I finally got back to San Diego, after a ten day holiday vacation with my family. I had a great time celebrating and feasting with the ones I love. Being

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A look back at the commendable Android phones of 2015

Flagship phones Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge I think we can all agree this iteration to Samsung’s flagship brought the biggest change to design and build. And it was about

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Keep your phone off the charger with a Zerolemon battery: review

One of the biggest problems in our modern age is how to keep your power hungry phone’s battery charged. Zerolemon looks to remedy this problem with their line of extended

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Today’s best-selling unlocked Android phones at Best Buy (December 29)

The $99 Moto G (Gen 2) still leads the pack So you got yourself some money over the holidays and now you’re looking to spend some. Why not start the new year out right

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Newegg’s best-selling unlocked Android phones (December 28)

Not many people know this, but Newegg is a pretty solid destination for finding discounts and deals on unlocked smartphones. Yep, you can shop from a number of models that

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Droid Turbo 2 is shatterproof and that’s all that matters (Review)

Over the last couple of years, Motorola has been making its way into our hearts with the Moto X flagship phones and amazing software support. So, when Motorola partnered with Verizon

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Order the unlocked Elephone Vowney Lite Android Lollipop smartphone for $240

Some of you may have a little extra cash in your pockets as Christmas just passed, and you might have received money as a gift. Just because you have extra

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Don’t know what to spend those gift cards on? Here are our recommended gadget deals

Now that Xmas is over, you may have a stack of gift cards that you don’t quite know what to use for. Gift cards have been selling at a record breaking

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Get up to 15 days of normal usage on a single charge with the Android 5.1 Outkitel K10000

Yeah you read that headline correctly. The Android L 5.1 Oukitel K10000 can get up to 15 days of normal usage on a single charge. How is that even possible

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Dear Santa, Can you please add these features to flagship devices for 2016?

The lines between budget, mid-range, and high-end phones are rapidly becoming blurred. There are many devices in every price category that perform at a high-level, so it is about time

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The best-selling unlocked Android phones from B&H Photo Video (December 23)

If you’re in the hunt for a new smartphone, consider an unlocked Android device. It works with all of the major GSM players and doesn’t require a contract.

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Let’s hope 2016 brings more high-end compact phones

2015 is wrapping up, and as we begin to pick our best smartphones of 2015, it’s clear that the majority of high-end phones this year range in the phablet territory,

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The best-selling unlocked Android phones from Best Buy (December 22)

Motorola’s 2nd-Gen Moto G is at the head of the pack Purchasing a new smartphone can be quite the expensive endeavor. Moreover, it can also be a bit of a headache