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TYLT’s Energi Charging Station charges all your devices at home or on the go

TYLT, makers of popular products like the TYLT Vu and Energi+ backpack, are launching a new product that aims to be the solution to your charging problems. The Energi Charging

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Google introduces the Accelerated Mobile Pages Project

Google is taking on the problem of slow loading mobile web pages. One would logically think with faster LTE and WiFi speeds that web pages should load faster as speeds

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Alleged set of OnePlus Mini specs surfaces

OnePlus, the famous “Flagship Killer” company released their second generation smartphone just this past summer. OnePlus may not be the best at not creating controversy through their awkward marketing campaigns,

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Sony announces 14 devices will receive Android 6.0 Marshmallow

In a blog post today, Sony has announced that 14 of their devices will be updated to Android 6.0 Marshmallow. No ETAs were promised, but 14 devices is an ambitious


11 amazing flower wallpapers to add a splash of color to your devices

Mother Nature can only be responsible for flowers.  The colors, shapes, and beauty of Mother Nature’s creations can’t be replicated but should be appreciated.  Here are some wallpapers of beautiful

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Motorola outlines Marshmallow upgrade plans for devices

Many of us favor Motorola’s approach to smartphone software, not deviating too much from the true Android experience. One benefit to this is that you get more reliable OS updates. Being

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Asus devices will come bundled with Microsoft Office to avoid a lawsuit

After years of suing everyone in sight, it appears that Microsoft is in the market to make some friends. This week they’ve announced a deal to end a patent war

Featured, great prices on high-tech gadgets

Over the past month we have featured deals from Some of the deals seem too good to be true, but they’re not. I had the chance to interview’s

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Nextbit successfully funds campaign to back cloud phone

Nextbit is a new company (with people from companies like HTC and Google) that placed their new phone, the Robin, on Kickstarter a month ago. The Robin is akin to


LG officially announces V10 ahead of New York event

Looks like LG is as excited as we are about it’s V10 smartphone, the first in a new premium line from the South Korean company, so much that it announced

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HTC announces One M9+ Aurora Edition, Butterfly 3 for international markets

Google obviously stole the spotlight this morning with its barrage of announcements, but HTC had some things to say as well.  We’ve previously heard about HTC’s event in Japan, and

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Google introduces the Android-powered Pixel C [with hands-on]

So looks like the leak yesterday turned out true.  Today, along with a handful of other exciting devices, Google announced the Pixel C – an Android-powered Pixel-branded tablet. So what’s so

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List of HTC models expected to see Android 6.0 updates surfaces

When a new Android version gets announced, it can be both an exciting and frustrating time. Not everyone has the cash to upgrade phones frequently, so we can be left holding

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Bugs and software fragmentation spoils Samsung’s premium devices

When Samsung released the Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge last year, both devices screamed premium and were laden with features beyond all other phones. Out of the box the devices ran

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Meizu announces the Pro 5 with 4GB of RAM and a 5.7″ display

At an event in China today, Meizu took the wraps off the Pro 5, their latest flagship. The Pro 5 follows only 2 months after the impressively spec’d MX5 which was