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How to make sure that your apps are up to date

Keeping your apps up-to-date is important for a number of reasons. New features, better performance and battery optimizations are just some of the improvements most developers are constantly pushing out

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Don’t drink and drive: use the Floome Breathalyzer(review)

2045Tech recently provided me with a Floome breathalyzer to review as an alternative to doing blood alcohol content(BAC) levels based on height and weight. I jumped at the opportunity, because

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Apple releases app for Android users to switch easily to iOS

In 2007, Apple unveiled the iPhone for the world. After 2008 when the App Store became the place to be with their “There’s an app for that” commercials, Apple always

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Keep your galleries clean with Duplicate Photos Fixer (App Review)

Although Cloud Storage is leading the way in backing up all of our photos and such, keeping our device memory low is still important. So in addition to backing everything

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Periscope adds support for landscape videos

Users of Periscope can now Vlog in the orientation of their choice, as the latest update brings support for landscape captures. There are also some other cool features that Periscope

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Lollipop adoption on the rise at 22% however KitKat still reigns King

With Android Marshmallow coming sometime within the next month or so, the Android Developers Blog has shared the current OS breakdown. These numbers space across any devices running Android 2.2

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Try and block those pesky ads on your Android device with Adblock Plus

Ads are annoying, we all know it, but they serve a purpose. Regardless of the purpose served, these ads cause frustration with just about everyone due to slow loading times

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Pornography app holds users hostage, demands $500 ransom

According to security company ZScaler, a malicious Android app disguised as a pornography viewer has been making the rounds. “Adult Player” is meant to offer viewers an adult video player,

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Runtastic launches new Moment watch line

Runtastic has long been known for their fitness apps. Now they have a wearable device that can track¬†your steps, active minutes, calories burned and even your sleep. Don’t confuse it

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Philips announces high-end series of TVs powered by Android

Philips is hoping to continue its success with Android on their TVs. Rather than try to develop their own proprietary software like LG and Samsung do with their smart TVs, Philips

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According to leak from Verizon, Android Pay will launch on September 16th

We may finally have a date for Android Pay if a recent leak is anything to go by, having not really heard anything since its inception at Google I/O 2015.

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Motorola makes it official: This is the second generation Moto 360 lineup

Motorola has finally pulled the curtain back on their second generation Moto 360 smartwatch after months of leaks and speculation. One of the most hotly anticipated devices in recent memory,

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Maps version 9.14 rolls out new navigation UI [APK Download]

Another day, another update; Google is pushing out Maps version 9.14 to users and brings with it a new UI to begin navigation, including a bigger map, more information, and

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No more unknown callers, solve contact sync with (App Review)

Overview Multiple email accounts, phone number changes, and the plethora of social media accounts to keep up with can become overwhelming. Since smartphones have become so important to our daily


Fallout Shelter: an overdue Android game that doesn’t disappoint (app review)

As an Android fanboy, I hate it when iOS gets an app that I want and Android gets left in the dark. That’s exactly what happened this year at E3