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LG TONE Active review: Up your game to wireless

I would say that the emergence of wireless headsets have most benefited listeners who are active. Yes, even when you’re just sitting around, cutting the wire is still a nice

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Verizon introduces LG Optimus Zone 3 for simplified prepaid plan

If you want a smartphone with a prepaid plan without burning a hole in your pocket, you can opt for the new LG Optimus Zone 3 on Verizon for as little

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Use this LG V10 “DAC Fix” workaround to enable Hi-Fi through any music app

If you’re a V10 user and love that LG baked in Hi-Fi audio output, it’s likely that you’re bothered by the fact that the dedicated Hi-Fi DAC (digital-to-analog converter) only activates

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Boost Mobile to sell LG K7 as the Tribute 5 in US

The recently announced budget phone, the LG K7, will be sold by Boost Mobile in the United States, but the wireless carrier has decided to ditch the K branding and

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Archos reveals new budget ‘Cobalt’ and ‘Power’ phones

Low-cost phones are selling very well and many manufacturers have already announced their own lines of affordable phones, but sometimes they do come sort when it comes to customization or battery life.

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LG announces affordable “K Series” line of phones at CES 2016

LG has obviously taken notice of how well affordable phones are doing and have decided to roll out a new lineup of affordable phones. The South Korean technology giant is

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Otterbox Defender LG V10 case review

Even when a phone is built tough, like in the case of the LG V10, life can still find ways to ruin it. The front is still dominated by glass.

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Camera Shootout (Round 2): LG V10 vs Sony RX100

Last time we did a camera showdown, we took the Galaxy S6 and pitted its well-received shooter against a renowned dedicated camera – the Sony RX100 (Mark II). The overall comparison

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Day One Apps: The first apps we install on every new Android (Volume 4)

At AndroidGuys, we go through a lot of devices. That means that we’re used to reinstalling all of our precious content, over and over again. Fortunately, Google has made the

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Google is matching up to $1MM for donations to (students in need) #ForEveryKid

Happy Holidays everyone. I’m sure many of you are tired of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, and your wallets are a little lighter after the spending binge. I truly

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LG Urbane 2nd Edition smartwatch pulled off shelves due to screen issues

The LG Urbane 2nd Edition smartwatch gained fame because it was the first Android Wear device to arrive with LTE connectivity. Prior to the second generation Urbane, all Android Wear

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[Deal] Get one year of free service and the LG G3 for only $289

When it comes to picking a device on a new phone plan, the choices can be tough. Monetary issues arise often, and can greatly influence your decision more than anything

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Amazon reveals it’s starting Black Friday a week early

As Thanksgiving approaches Americans look forward to not only eating turkey, cranberries, stuffing and mashed potatoes, but also look forward to one of the best shopping days of the year,

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LG reportedly conforming to a full metal build on the G5

This year, LG was left abandoned in the stand to continue offering a removable back cover and swappable battery in a flagship phone. Its last accomplice, Samsung, gave in and overhauled

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LG Urbane Watch 2nd Edition first look: This is the best Android Wear watch of 2015

The LG Urbane Watch 2nd Edition was announced just over a week ago, and what makes this watch unique is, it is the first Android Wear device to get LTE