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Heat and your phone: Experiment time!

t long last, the generation of the problematic Snapdragon 810 powered devices seems to be drifting off on the horizon.¬†We’ve already heard multiple rumors about the 820 and what devices

News and Rumors

SwiftKey debuts Neural Alpha- the first keyboard that thinks for you

Today, SwiftKey took the first step in the next generation of keyboards. The keyboard giant released Neural Alpha, the first


Is Android fragmentation really a problem?

Ever since the early days of Android, one of the biggest arguments against it has been fragmentation. I don’t think

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18.6 inch Samsung Galaxy View may be AT&T exclusive

A while back, Samsung teased us with a new product bigger than most of us have ever used. It’s a

News and Rumors

Samsung might ship three Galaxy S7 variants, all with different processors

The Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge have been out for more than six months now so rumors are heating

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How beefy is the IntoCircuit Power Castle Power Bank?

Today, we’ll be taking a look at the IntoCircuit Power Castle Power Bank. This bad boy has a 26000mAh battery packed into it, and can literally charge…