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LifeCable enables direct charging from an Android or iPhone

We’ve all been in that situation when we’re running out of battery, and there’s nothing you can do but run in circles flailing your arms (or simply plug it in

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Want to learn binary? Binary Challenge has you covered!

As you read this right now, your device is busy working away and processing whatever is thrown at it. All

News and Rumors

US Cellular offering the Moto G (3rd Gen) for $130

US Cellular is the latest wireless provider to carry the third generation Motorola Moto G smartphone. Available immediately, customers can

News and Rumors

Google introduces new mobile search results for better app discovery

Some Android users are finding that the Google search widget is bringing up a better set of results for apps.

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(Deal) Get the MMOVE Bluetooth Earbuds for only $32

Nowadays, Bluetooth headphones are all the craze. Even more so for those who go to the gym more often than

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#WoodBack Case for Samsung Galaxy S6 Review

If you’re looking for a case that adds style and flair to your Samsung Galaxy S6, then look no further than the WoodBack case from Cover-Up. I got sent over