ChargeKey: Carry a USB cable on your keychain for charging anywhere [Deal of the Day]

Regardless of whether you’re carrying around a portable power supply or just your smartphone, at some point you’re still going to need to juice up. What happens if you don’t have a USB cable with you to take advantage of that 15000mAh power pack? Well, if you had a ChargeKey on your keychain you wouldn’t have to worry a bit.

Designed to be carried with you at all times, the ChargeKey is just enough “cord” to get you through a pinch. One end features a USB plug while the other is a micro USB plug; that’s all an Android owner needs!

Available for $24.99, the ChargeKey is one of those items you might carry around for two months before you need it. But, in that instance where you’re thinking, “man, I wish I had a cable with me to charge up off that USB port (or external battery)”, you can actually take advantage!

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