Bluboo to launch S8+ next week; what’s so special about it? (Promoted)

Earlier this year Bluboo released its S8 smartphone which was highly regarded and featured some pretty incredible hardware. But, if you know anything about the phone space, it’s that you cannot rest on your laurels. No, you’ve got to constantly be looking forward and putting out new stuff if you want to remain relevant.

Much like what Samsung has done for its Galaxy S line, Bluboo has done for its S model. In other words, there’s a new Bluboo S8+ hitting the market. What’s the difference? Why consider the S8+ over the standard model?

For starters, the new model has pushed the screen size up a notch to 6-inches while retaining the 18:9 aspect ratio. Dubbed an infinity screen, it’s what gives users an edge-to-edge display that delivers gorgeous pictures and videos.

Moreover, the S8+ now comes with 4GB RAM with 64GB of internal storage. This is pretty much the norm for a mid-range handset today and helps keep the Bluboo line relevant. Sure, you could get away with a 3GB and 32GB combination but this just gives you more time before it’s outdated. Not only that, but the extra power helps when you’re multi-tasking or putting the phone through some intense paces.

The Bluboo S8+ also features a higher capacity at 3,600mAh with support for fast charging. Not only do you get something that will last well beyond a typical day of usage, but it will charge back up incredibly quick. Less time at the wall means more time in the world.

The next step up for the S8+ comes in the area of camera. Indeed, this model boasts a 16-megapixel and 3-megapixel Sony IMX258 dual camera setup. You’ll get better focus, detail, depth, and contrast from the configuration than in its predecessor.

As for the next change, that comes in the area of software. The new phone has its foundation on Android 7.0 with a more optimized 360 OS v2.0. Subtle changes under the hood leading to more a secure and private experience with a fun, fresh, and friendly user experience.


The Bluboo S8+ launches in but a few days and features an incredible, limited time price point of $149.99. Snag it in the first few weeks and you’ll save $30 on the normal price of $179.99.

To learn more about the Bluboo S8+, or to order yours, head to Bluboo’s website now.

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