Bluboo S3 coming soon with a massive 8,500 mAh battery, 18:9 display (Promoted)

Chinese phone maker Bluboo is preparing to unveil a new smartphone model. Called the Bluboo S3, the handset is poised to come rocking a large battery squeezed inside a compact body.

The Bluboo S3 will also adopt the modern design that’s so popular these days. The device is expected to arrive with a 6-inch in-cell Sharp screen with 18:9 aspect ratio. Bluboo says the S3 will benefit from a well-designed curved rear cover that makes the phone more comfortable to hold.

The Bluboo S3 also doubles as a power bank

But the biggest highlights of the yet-to-be-released phone is, of course, the ginormous 8,500 mAh battery. It comes with support for 12V/2A MTK PE 3.0 fast charge, so users will be able to charge the phone from 0% to 100% in only 2.5 hours.

Once fully charged, Bluboo says the phone can offer up to 6 days of battery life on moderate usage. Interestingly enough, the producing company has managed to keep the S3 quite thin at under 12mm. To compare, Ulefone’s Power3 model which includes a 6,030 mAh battery has a 10mm profile. Indeed, the Bluboo S3 is a bit thicker, but the battery capacity is 40% larger too.

The Bluboo S3 is set to include a USB Type-C 3.0 port and thanks to the reverse charge function, the phone will also double as a power bank.

The company says the S3 will launch next month with a price tag under $200. More information about the device will probably be revealed in the upcoming weeks.

At the same time, competing brand Ulefone is also working on a big-battery smartphone of its own called the Power 5. According to the information available so far, the Ulefone Power 5 will take advantage of a massive 13,000 mAh battery with a dual-cell design for safety purposes.

The device will come equipped with an 18:9 aspect ratio display and will feature a rugged design. It’s expected to land on the market sometime in mid-April. The Bluboo S3 will arrive around the same time to compete directly with Ulefone’s new model.

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