Bluboo S8+ gets an official teardown in video (Promoted)

For whatever reason, one of the more popular things to do with a new smartphone is to tear it apart and take a look internally. It makes sense in some regard as there are going to be people who want to repair or replace components should the need ever arise. For others, though, it’s often a case of curiosity and seeing what goes into making smartphones so powerful and sleek.

The Bluboo S8+ has been around for a short while now and is among the latest devices to receive the “teardown” treatment. Bluboo has released its own official video showing the pieces and parts that make the S8+ what it is.

It’s interesting to see how the individual components come together in such a thin device. As you can see in the video, the Bluboo S8+ houses a 36000mAh capacity battery, a Sony dual camera (16.0MP+3.0MP) setup on the back, and a fingerprint scanner. Of course you also have other details like 4GB RAM and some 64GB of internal storage as well as the 6-inch screen.

The video shows us how each of the pieces come together to connect with the motherboard and assemble to form a solid handset. The tech also goes about reassembling the phone once he breaks things down which is a good sign for those of you who might worry about repairing a damaged handset.

Other specifications in the Bluboo S8+ include an octa-core 1.5GHz processor and the 360 OS 2.0 based on Android 7.0 Nougat. The front-facing camera is 5-megapixels which is more than sufficient for selfies and close group shots.

Currently on Gearbest there’s a promotion underway from Bluboo which puts the phone at $149.99, a discount of some $30 off the normal price. Available for just a few more days, it’s a sizable amount to save this holiday season. US customers will want to make sure that the phone is compatible with their respective carrier or understand what sort of data speeds might be in order.