Renders of upcoming Ulefone shows iPhone X-like all-screen design (Promoted)

The iPhone has always been a benchmark for others to emulate when it comes to design. In recent years some would argue that the iPhone had lost its innovative appeal when it came to the design. However, the iPhone X appears to have reignited the appeal of Apple’s device.

Inspired by the iPhone X, Chinese phone maker Ulefone has announced they are bringing a new device to market that mirrors the design of the iPhone X and the all-screen display.

While specific details around the device are not yet known, a render of the device has been leaked showcasing the design. The same front-facing camera and sensor arrangement we see in the iPhone X appears in the Ulefone render and the company even say it is ditching the fingerprint sensor in favor of a face-only unlocking solution like Apple. According to the leak, the technology would come from Chinese company Face++ and may feature a dual-camera arrangement on the rear of the device.

Previous flagship devices from Ulefone have supported 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage so it is possible the new all-screen device will have similar specs. The upcoming device will complement the two existing devices on the market from Ulefone, namely the MIX and MIX2.

If you’re interested in this new device, you could keep a close eye on the Ulefone official website or official social media for the latest updates.