Six reasons the Oukitel K3 might be worth a hard look at $159.99 (Promoted)

Oukitel continues its seemingly relentless pursuit of making a splash in the smartphone market, this time showing off the K3 – a  6000mAh beast of a phone with plenty to offer. Here’s six reasons why you should take a look, dear Android Guys.

1) Dual-Curve Design

Keeping with the trend of modern smartphones, Oukitel has styled the K3 with a dual-curved glass body, the result of which is a handsome, premium appearance – that nonetheless is still made of glass; popular, but as always, prone to cracking.

2) 5.5″ SHARP Display

With 1080p resolution and LTPS Asahi Glass, the display won’t blow your mind, but it will be crisp and durable. Going with a 1080p screen instead of QuadHD is one of the reasons why Oukitel is able to keep the price so low.

3) Front and Rear Dual-Lens Cameras

While most OEMs these days are jumping on the dual-lens rear camera bandwagon, Oukitel is pushing the envelope by installing dual-lens camera on both the front and rear of the phone. Both cameras are 16+2MP, offering the same quality of pictures whether you’re taking a selfie or photographing a sunset.

4) Solid RAM and Storage

At 4/64GB RAM/ROM, the K3 offers plenty of storage and power to handle multitasking and keep your performance snappy. In addition, the K3 also has an expandable MicroSD slot, up top 128GB.

5) Massive Battery

6000mAh. I think that says it all.

6) Quick Charging

At 9V/2A, the charging standard of the K3 can fully charge that big battery in just under two hours – not quite Dash or Quick Charge 3.0, but not bad considering you’ll probably get a few days of heavy use out of it.

To demonstrate the sheer amount of juice in the K3, Oukitel created a video to test the performance of its phone against the Xiaomi Mix 2, seen below.

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