Vonage on forefront of a revolution with new mobile app [Sponsored Post]

As much as I love Google Voice and the ability to use one account across multiple smartphones,  I can’t help but imagine a better scenario.  Since I spend most of my day connected to a Wi-Fi network, I imagine that there has to be a “better way”.  If I can text and read messages over Wi-Fi and VOiP  works well on a desktop, someone needs to marry these things together.  Sure, Skype works well and I’m aware of Groove IP, but I’m ready for a reputable company to step up.  Enter Vonage.

Obviously Vonage isn’t breaking ground here with their recent mobile offerings, but I like where they are headed with their high-definition audio.  In case you hadn’t heard yet, their new Android app lets users call and text each other at no cost, integrates with the phone’s address book, and even calls other Vonage clients free of charge.  With low-cost international calling rates and easy dialing options, it’s a shot across the bow of its competition.  Did I mention that it works over Wi-Fi, 3G, and 4G connections?  Yeah, Google Voice has a little catching up to do here.

Speaking of those international calls, Vonage’s rates are, on average, 70 percent less than what your wireless provider is charging.  When compared to Skype, Vonage comes in about 30 percent lower.  Even better, it uses your same phone number so you don’t have to worry about giving friends and family a secondary line.  Want to add some call time to your account?  It’s a breeze, thanks to in-app billing from the Android Market!
I’ve been growing quite fond of Vonage Mobile in the few days since it arrived on Android and plan to install it across multiple devices.  If there were one piece of advice that I could give to the developers, it would be to create something tablet-friendly.  Yes, it would be unwieldy to call with a 10-inch tablet, but it’s still convenient in a pinch.


Features of Vonage Mobile

  • Free domestic and international calls and texts to anyone with the Vonage Mobile app.
  • When calling a landline or phone directly, you get international calling with per-minute rates averaging 70% less than major mobile carriers and 30% less than Skype.
  • In-app credit purchases are tied directly to your iTunes or Android Market account.
  • Inviting multiple people right from your address book via SMS or email is easy.
  • Vonage Mobile automatically identifies contacts who already have the app.
  • Your mobile number double as your caller ID (so your friends won’t be surprised by an unfamiliar app-assigned number)
  • Works on Wi-Fi and 3G/4G worldwide.

Download Vonage Mobile from the Android Market or by clicking this link right here with your phone!