App Review: MoVue

launchscreenAugmented reality allows you to layer objects over a view of your surroundings whilst you look at them through the camera on your phone. This brings up many possibilities and MoVue uses this technique to look at your surroundings and display on your screen locations of different attractions and businesses such as shops, hotels, restaurants and lots of others.

You start the app up and the camera is activated. You then aim your phone in a direction and the businesses are displayed as little blue dots with symbols to represent the type of business. The business name is shown and a small map in the corner of the screen shows you where it is located. The details of the businesses come from Yelp or Qype, and clicking the business brings up a small box that details the business name. Also in this box are: rating, address, the option to visit the ratings site, view on a map, or call them. The camera view can get a little busy if there are a lot of businesses around and it can be a bit fiddly to select the correct one. This is made easier by allowing you to click on the small map which brings up a larger map that shows the businesses around you and you can select them and view the details this way. This makes it a lot easier to see the information you need, although it doesn’t bring up all the details that the box on the camera view does such as direct call or go to the review site. The two sources of info, Yelp and Qype, are great places to go to find out peoples opinions of the businesses and add your own opinions. This is done by signing up on their sites and adding your opinion directly through their websites as there is no function to add reviews through the app (which would be a good addition.)

You can select the categories you want the app to show and the radius it looks at. This would make it an ideal companion if you are in a strange place and want to find a nice place to eat or visit a local attraction. Overall this is a good app which uses the augmented reality technology well. The app has been entered into ADC2 and is available for free in the Android market.