App Review: On Air (WiFi Disk)

OnAirAndroid devices operate almost exactly like computers and obviously runs independent of one. You don’t need to sync your Android with a cable to get your emails, contacts, calendar entries as it can be done through the air.  The same goes with applications or podcasts.  There are, however, some cases where you do need to connect a USB cable and mount your Android phone.  The first example that comes to mind is copying music.
Would it be nice to be able to access the SD card without having to use a USB cable?

On Air lets you do that. A word of warning though, this application is for the few Apple Mac owners who also enjoy an Android phone.  On Air works by using the AppleTalk protocol, though it could be used through WebDAV under Linux and Windows.  I just haven’t tested that myself.

On Air (available for free on the Market) is very simple to use.  Open the app and click Power.  The handset will display the IP address of your phone and a 4 digit password (randomly and new each time).  You will then see a new computer on your network called “OnAirDisk”.  Open it to access the “OnAirData.”  You will then need to login with the username and the password displayed in the app.
That’s it. You can now read and write on your SD-card. The speed will depend on your WiFi connection, but I was able to play music and videos directly from the SD-Card.  Plenty fast enough for me, and I assume, most of you.

On Air has been developed by Johan Cloetens, who also created PicMe and a new screen capture tool: ShootMe, both available from the Market and regularly updated.