APPTEASERS: 16 Android games and apps worth knowing (November 1)

Windy Day

Exlcusively designed with the Moto X in mind, this game comes from the minds of Motorola and Oscar-winning (Ratatouille) director, Jan Pinkava. You’ve got to look around, in every direction, as you engage in the story far more than you would in a traditional animated film.

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My Singing Monsters

Collect more than 30 monsters who love to hum, sing, scream, and make really strange noises over numerous levels and islands. Fun for the entire family, the RPG can suck up all of your free time if you’re not careful. Collect coins, unlock rewards, and combine your monsters to create a new experience every time. [pb-app-box pname=’com.bigbluebubble.singingmonsters.full’ name=’My Singing Monsters’ theme=’discover’ lang=’en’]

Olympic Athlete’s Hub

Follow along with the various athletes that will be competing in the upcoming Olympic Games. Keep an eye on their social media accounts, track their photos, and learn more about the guys and gals who will represent your country in 2014

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Robo & Bobo

Players are in charge of controlling a robot (Robo), programming him, and navigating around the 3D environment. You’ll have to put on your thinking cap as you seek to complete puzzles and tasks in an effort to get your beloved teddy bear.

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Talk to Docs

Stop diagnosing yourself through WebMD and Wikipedia and just ask a doctor some of your more common questions or concerns. You’ll have more than 50,000 doctors at your disposal; there are plenty of categories and topics from others in the space. Now you can really find out if 4 out of 5 doctors trust your brand!

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Set your phone to automatically raise the volume after a pre-determined amount of time. Headed into a meeting for an hour? Taking in a movie? Set your phone on silent and let this app remember to switch back over to ringer.  Also includes notification toggles and LED settings.

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Save a backup copy of your photos to the Amazon cloud and then share them with friends and family in a secure manner. A handy way to gather up all of the photos taken at an event without any hassle or elbow grease.

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Zombie Die Hard

You’ll be feeling like Bruce Willis in this first person shooter that sees you taking on hordes of undead. Featuring three modes of gameplay, you’ll have tons of weapons and tools, including grenades, sniper rifles, machine guns, C4, and time bombs.

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