Track Everything With 'Package Tracking'

If you order or ship a lot of packages, for home or business, and want an easy way to keep track of them, then Package Tracking by Technogeek00 is for you. I didn’t expect much when I downloaded this free app, but I wanted something to keep track of a shipment I sent to my Mom so I could let her know when it was going to arrive.  I expected utilitarian, but was pleasantly surprised by a feature rich app that has found its way onto one of my home screens.


  1. Ability to track multiple packages.
  2. A wide variety of vendors to choose from — DHL, FedEx, UPS and USPS, to name a few.
  3. Ability to name packages being tracked to something that is recognizable at a glance.
  4. Notifications have just been added.
  5. Ability to scan barcodes to track packages you ship (untested).
  6. Compatible with Android version 1.5 and up.
  7. No noticeable impact on battery life.

One change that would make Package Tracking even better is fine grain control on notifications.  Right now you only get the selection between all or delivery only.  While I don’t need all those notifications where the package seems to be checked into the same warehouse 500 times in a thirty minute timeframe (seriously UPS, what is up with that?), it would be nice to know when it is finally marked in transit and if it is delayed for whatever reason.  I can only imagine that this fine tuning would be difficult to do with all the different carriers the app supports, but a gal can dream.

The one other downside to the app is that it’s not always easy trying to get the tracking number into app.  I’m guessing the barcode scanning helps out with that,  but if you’re tracking a shipment coming to you typing that number in can be a pain.  The upside is, you only have to type it in once.

A little installer beware, some people have reported issues with UPS tracking starting mid-April.  The developer indicates that this has been fixed and the negative comments seem to have ceased, but, for UPS shipments,  you may want to check online as a back up to the app just to be sure.