App Review:WiSyncPlus 1.4.12

WiSyncPlus1WiSyncPlus is a fairly complex application for the G1 that will that automatically enable or disable syncing on your WiFi. I am not saying it is complex because of difficulty to use it , it is just a very detailed program with many options. This app can definitely save you money if you do not have an unlimited plan. Battery life can also be saved with WiSyncPlus by disabling Google services from syncing in the background constantly. The options in WiSyncPlus are numerous: you can do everything from disable all internet activity to forcing a Google Sync.  You can even automatically disable your cellular and WiFi connections when your phone goes to sleep–not just standby, but completely off.


From using  this program for the past couple of days here are some of the pros and cons:

Save battery life by disabling syncing
Disable all internet activity
Make and receive calls without problems

Not a very user friendly interface
More detailed descriptions of options would be nice