Five for Friday: Barbecue and grilling apps

As the weather gets warmer we’re finding ourselves out on the patio and deck grilling up some steaks and burgers more each week. And while we’ve got our favorite recipes and ways of preparing dinner we are always up for new ideas.  Really, who wants to show up to a Memorial Day party that is serving plain ol’ hamburgers? That said, we’ve been looking to some Android apps for inspiration.  With hundreds of cooking titles to choose from, we’ve trimmed our list down to a handful of grilling-specific apps.

We recognize that there are tons of titles that we did not include or that this might look like an extremely limited list.  On the contrary, these are just five apps that we’ve picked to get you going in the right direction.  That’s why we turn to you and ask that you add your titles to the comments below.  This way other Android users can discover the stuff that we may overlook or omit.

This week’s topic: Barbecue and grilling apps


Weber’s On the Grill

As one of the premier names in backyard grilling, we were pleased to find the app offers 280 classic Weber recipes as well as 40 additional recipes for rubs, marinades, and sauces.  Additional features include more than 100 grilling tips, video tutorials, a grocery list compiler, and a food timer.  Betcha didn’t know that steak cooks at a different rate than veggies.  Oh, you did?


Before you fire up the grill you are going to want to make sure that you’ve got the right cut of meat.  That’s where iBBQ comes in handy!  Use this app to help hunt down the nearest Quality Standard accredited butcher or find the perfect spot for your next outing.  Despite what you think, not everyone finds your house to be the perfect venue.  We have to point out that the location-based stuff is geared to those living in the UK.  Having said that, we really dig the recipes, tips, and videos as they cover the gamut that is beef, lamb, salad and marinades.

Omaha Steaks Steak Time

Obviously geared toward the steak crowd, this one is full of cooking tips, steak facts, health information, and more.  Want to learn how to create perfect grill marks?  There’s a video for that.  Need to cook three different cuts of meat for the family?  There’s a timer for that.  Spend a few minutes playing Conversation Cards with your grill-mates or catch up with Omaha Steaks on Twitter or Facebook while you wait for the filet to finish.


Ever wondered how to grill asparagus or lobster? Lamb, Seafood, Poultry and more. Browse through instructions and high quality images for grilling recipes for beef, seafood, lamb, poultry, and more.   Search by category, ingredient, or key word and mark your next meal as a favorite.  Keep checking back, too, as new recipes are automatically added over time.

Big Android BBQ

The official application for the 2012 Big Android BBQ, this one is simply a widget for now.  Count down the number of days until the annual event takes place in October so you can prepare for your trip to Dallas!  The application will evolve as more speakers and sessions are announced and will be the perfect place to keep up on the latest news!  As always, we plan to be heavily involved in the BBQ and can’t wait to see you this fall!

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