Ring Defense – A vectorized tower defense game with a George Bush cameo

Ring Defense follows the basic formula of tower-defense games.  You build towers, traps, and guns to defeat wave after wave of enemies trying to capture your castle or base or, in this case, your energy.  What Ring Defense does not adhere to is the general gaming rule that you can throw in a  few unique twists but you can’t uniquely twist everything.

unnamed2From the start, Ring Defense has a very common vector-style map.  Every level has different layouts, but there are squares where you can place and build up your defenses like most tower-defense games.  However, the further you delve into the game, the more you notice that every common gameplay element in Ring Defense has an uncommon layer on top of it.

Your defense towers cannot only be upgraded (as is normal), they can be combined with other towers to create a doubly dangerous mixture of status ailments like critical, poison, slow, and other elements dependent upon the colors you’ve mixed.  Aside from that, towers are not hindered by the allotted squares; they can become traps if they’re moved into the paths of the enemies, slowing and hindering the enemy’s progress, and they can become bombs to throw at every enemy within a wave (though you’ll lose that tower).  Finally, there isn’t a set number of points you have to save from the enemies; instead, you gain energy from killing them and lose energy by letting them past your defenses so do not let your energy get to 0.

Ring Defense also throws tons of options at you so that you can customize your experience.  You can fast forward, pause, slow down, order the next wave in, change your tower’s and even set the health and pace of yourself or the waves of enemies.  These are very welcome options to all tower-defense skill levels as you can make the game as easy or difficult as you like.

Other options you can modify include a skill tree to make your towers cheaper or stronger, a level editor to create your own maps, and an option to choose what the enemies look like.  Yes, you can destroy Pac-Man lookalikes or laser George Bush’s head as it makes a break for your energy.  There are options for almost everything including gameplay modes like time trials and sudden death.

If you’re looking for an ultimately customizable tower-defense game, Ring Defense is the best out there.  While the graphics are on the lower end, you can’t sell towers (though you can move them) (post-edit:  you can sell them by dragging them to your energy bar), and there aren’t as many levels as I would have liked, Ring Defense excels at being a great mobile game that you can cater to play exactly how you want.

What we liked

  • Tons of options for never-ending, never-boring gameplay.
  • A nice twist on gameplay with bombs, traps, and lasers.
  • Skill tree
  • Level editor.

What could be improved

  • More, more, more levels.  (Post-edit:  Per the creator, more levels are coming!)
  • Selling the slots where you place your towers.

[download_link link=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.siebn.ringdefense&feature=search_result#?t=W251bGwsMSwyLDEsImRlLnNpZWJuLnJpbmdkZWZlbnNlIl0.” variation=”green” target=”blank”]Download Ring Defense (Google Play)[/download_link]