Timehop comes to Android – “Did I really say that?” [App of the Day]

The popular iOS app, Timehop, is finally on Android, and it’s here to make you feel infinitely nostalgic.

Timehop gives it’s users an easy way to look back in time. It’s basically a feed of your favorite social networking sites, but only shows posts from a couple of years ago. If you’re unfamiliar with it, we’ll walk you through it.

The app is overall really easy to use. Login to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Foursquare accounts, and your feed populates with posts that happened around this time a few years back. It gives you posts that happened 1-4 years in the past, reminding you of your sleepless nights in college, or how excited you were when Ace Ventura came on television. Also, if you’d like to share any of these posts to Facebook or Twitter, you can do so with a few easy clicks.

Timehop Screenshot

Timehop is a simple application that doesn’t try to do too much for it’s own good, and that’s why we enjoy using it. Download it for free from Google Play!

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Via: TechCrunch