Sponsored Social Media Amplification

Do you have an app or game that you’d like to promote? AndroidGuys would love to help you! We’ve put together a special social media package designed to help developers use our audience for extra exposure.

We’ll work closely with you to help shape content to share on our various channels. This way, you can potentially reach hundreds of thousands of people.

Our aim is to both promote your title and give our audience an opportunity to learn about other apps and games. We’ve reserved this special bundle specifically for developers, keeping the price affordable for all budgets.

$79.99 | Three Social Media Messages

If you are interested in learning more about this offering, please contact us at [email protected] and we’ll be in touch.

Which social media channels can I publish content on?
You can choose from Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ for your messages. As of today, that represents a potential audience of more than 250,000 people.

How are messages created?
We have a form for you to submit talking points, links, and other details. Our team will then craft the content for your final approval.

Can I attach photos to the social media content?
Yes, you can attach a photo to your Tweet, Facebook, or Google+ message.

Am I allowed to use tracking URLs, hashtags, or special landing pages?
Of course! This is a great way to keep an eye on analytics and the viability of a campaign.

How often can I schedule coverage?
You are free to schedule as often as you’d like, especially if there’s a certain date you’d like to focus on. This is helpful if you have a recent update or new in-game campaign to promote.

How far in advance can I schedule content?
We request a 48-hour advance notice on posts so that our editorial team can draft up the content and ensure it meets the general guidelines. Otherwise, you are free to schedule out as far as 90 days.

Is there anything special that must be included in the social media content?
In order to comply with federal laws, we simply need room for “(sponsored)” or “(affiliate)” somewhere in the message. Other than that, we’ll do what we can to help evangelize your app or game.

How many downloads should I expect as a result?
We cannot promise anything outside of putting the message in front of our audience. Our partners have, in the past, seen anywhere from a few clicks to hundreds of installs. This largely depends on the app; we’re merely helping point it out to readers. The impact of a tweet can be affected by timeliness, message, quality of app, etc.

We feel that, because of the low price of this package, that this is an inexpensive way to speak to a large group of people.