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T-Mobile Completes HSPA 7.2 Network Upgrade

Those of you with an Android phone on T-Mobile will be pleased to know that your 3G connection is slightly quicker as of yesterday, thanks to T-Mobile’s completion of the

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Verizon Bullies Sprint… Are They Serious?

Verizon has really overstepped their boundaries this time. Embarrassing AT&T is one thing; they deserve it. But asking Sprint to remove its “Most Dependable 3G Network” claim is narcissistic, pompous,

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Quick Look: APNdroid

What is one of the most heard complaints about the current Android phones? The battery life. Today we are going to take a quick look at one of the most

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T-Mobile 3G Rollout for ’09 Sneaks Out

What good is a phone that relies heavily on internet and data usage if most of their customer base is stuck with EDGE speeds?  If T-Mobile want their G1 (and

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T-Mobile 3G Network Ramping up to Coincide with Dream Release?

There’s a rumor running around the blogosphere that T-Mobile is fast at work on the 3G network for major rollout in the 4th quarter. We’re talking about cities and markets

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