Floating Notifications 1.5 arrives with support for Android 4.3 Notification Listener Service


Floating Notifications has a new update this week which sees the app supporting the new Android 4.3 Notification Listener Service. In essence, the app lets you dismiss notifications within FN and it then having the corresponding notification go away as well. Deeper integration with Android, ya ...

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Pops changes the notification game, again


Remember a while back when we told you about Pops (Notification Themes) and how it changed the way in which you managed notifications?  At the time, it was designed so that you received special, custom notifications for services like Twitter or Facebook.  We liked it quite a bit and thought ...

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I Could do Widgout It…

There is a rather familiar phenomenon in life where we want something... we want it really, really bad. Then we get it.

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‘Remember the Milk’ Now Available for Android – Pro Users Only

We’ve been waiting quite a while for this one to arrive.  The Remember the Milk (RTM) blog has just announced the availability of their Android application.  It’s totally free… if you are a Pro RTM user.  Unfortunately that runs you $25 a year right now.  If you ...

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