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Templates, Wireframes, Stencils and Icons: The Big List of Android Developer Resources

Here’s a handy resource for you current and prospective Android developers.  We’ve done our best to compile a list of wireframes, templates, GUI PSD’s, stencils and more to help you

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Gettin’ On The (Message) Bus, Part Two

In our last episode, we discussed how the Android Intent systems functions, in effect, like a message bus, and how one can set up an IntentReceiver to serve as a

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Gettin’ On The (Message) Bus, Part One

The message bus is a tried-and-true model in application development. Whether it is the humble Win32 message loop or full-fledged publish/subscribe message-oriented middleware solution, software components have long been publishing

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Handling Multiple Resource Sets, Part Two

In the last episode of “Building ‘Droids”, we covered how to handle a simple, one-criterion choice between two resource sets: whether we show English or Spanish strings. In that case,