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Screen Off Pro (Screen Lock) – Certainly locks screens. [Review]

Overview Screen Off Pro does what it sets out to do; it locks your screen at the push of a software button, negating the use of the hardware button for

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Apple Music app for Android: Good looking but lacks features and value – like the iPhone (review)

Apple is notorious for locking down its software and ecosystem by keeping things all to themselves. Apple doesn’t readily share its software and for the most part and has only

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ExpressVPN is the finest VPN out there (App Review)

If you’re constantly on the go and connecting to public WiFi hotspots, security should be of concern to you. Connecting to unknown networks can put you and your personal data

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Learn, build and control(Android app) electronics through monthly subscription kits from Thimble

Being an Editor gives me a little more creative freedom to write what I deem valuable to you readers. We’re supposed to write about things related to Android or mobile

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Enjoy word games and crossword puzzles? Check out Word Fever at the Google Play Store (app review)

I’m not a huge gamer these days, but I still┬ádo enjoy games from time to time and word games are particularly fun for me. Words with Friends has been an

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Here’s what the upcoming Google+ app update will bring

It’s been a while since us Google+ users have see a significant change to the Android app. Well, Google has just tipped the Update 7.0.0, incoming over the next couple

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Chromecast Audio adds Hi-Res audio and synchronous music

One of the best things about buying a product from Google is you know you’re going to get updates. Google’s most recent Chromecast addition, the Chromecast Audio┬ájust got support for

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The full featured Starbucks app makes coffee easy to order(App review)

I know almost all of you have heard of Starbucks. I love coffee and drink it on a regular basis, and one can argue that there are many coffee shops

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Amazon reveals it’s starting Black Friday a week early

As Thanksgiving approaches Americans look forward to not only eating turkey, cranberries, stuffing and mashed potatoes, but also look forward to one of the best shopping days of the year,

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YouTube Music is here everybody! [+Download]

If you’ve previously used YouTube as a music streaming app on your phone, you would’ve probably recognized that it was not really suitable to do so. Namely, due to blocked

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Destiny Companion app: The one every Guardian needs [App Review]

Through the use of the Bungie mobile app you’ll be able to utilize the Companion. It’s Bungie’s second-screen experience that will keep you connected to the game, while you’re in

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Fallout C.H.A.T. Comes Just In Time To Hype Fallout 4 [App Review]

In case you weren’t aware, Bethesda is dropping a pretty hefty title this week: Fallout 4. In preparation for the grand reveal, they have been working tirelessly to hype the

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Three big reasons you’ll want the new Google Play App

Google typically updates their Play Store several times each month, most of them being small and bringing little new features. As it’s turned out, however, Google has been hard at

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3Coins is a simple, challenging and addictive game (App review)

One of the joys of mobile gaming is the ability to open it right up in the palm of your hand and get started. 3Coins is one of those games

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Turbo Rush provides endless hours of fun

If there’s anything that should be on the list for an ideal game, internet connectivity (or the lack thereof) should certainly be on there. You can’t always have connection to