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Android OEMs, this is what we’ve been wanting in smartphones!

You know, too often it looks like Android smartphone manufacturers aren’t listening to our wants (or at very least, our top priorities). We’re the ones buying the phones after all! I

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Scosche Strikedrive EZTIP reversible micro-USB car charger: review

It’s not very often that I get excited to review a car charger, but today is very different. There’s a high probability if you’re using an Android device that you

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The full-featured ONAGOfly smart nano drone skirts the new FAA law by weighing just .3lbs (CES 2016)

Drones are becoming more commonplace as each day passes. That’s one of the main reasons why the Federal Aviation Administration now requires all drones weighing over .55lbs to be registered.

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Polaroid reveals unlocked Power and Snap smartphones

Polaroid announced on Wednesday their new range of unlocked smartphones. No beginner in the market,  we have previously seen a few Android devices from the company known for its camera’s.

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Camera Shootout (Round 2): LG V10 vs Sony RX100

Last time we did a camera showdown, we took the Galaxy S6 and pitted its well-received shooter against a renowned dedicated camera – the Sony RX100 (Mark II). The overall comparison

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[Deal] Take the perfect picture with the 3-in-1 Smartphone Lens Set for less than $20

Although the cameras that are in our pockets have become absolutely amazing over the last few years, there are still some times where you feel that a picture is just

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Is the Moto G 2015 the King of mid-range devices?

As the last week has proven, the majority of everyone cares more about those high-priced, powerful phones that dominate headlines for weeks. Not only do those devices dominate headlines, but

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Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Sony RX100, how good is today’s smartphone camera?

We continually see OEM’s pushing the technological capabilities of our tiny shooters.  To us faint of heart, they look superb, don’t they?  Is it justified that we cower in submission

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What is the least important feature on a phone? [Poll]

We spend lots of time talking about the best features on smartphones and what makes them so great. But what if we decided to turn the tables? Today, we are

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Sony teases new Xperia phone on August 3rd

Sony Mobile has just let us in on a new Xperia phone coming our way soon.  It’s just a tease, so not much was said.  But we know that its camera

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The OnePlus 2 13MP f/2.0 Camera gets reviewed

Popular YouTuber Marques Brownlee was lucky enough to get his hands on an early release of the long-awaited OnePlus 2 and he’s taken to what he does best to give

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LG straps the G4 to a drone and shoots an amazing promo video

There’s no debating that the LG G4 has an amazing camera, but what better way to show that off than to use it to shoot an entire promo video from

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Sony’s balloon photo app is now available in Beta on the Google Play Store

Sony’s new balloon photo app is not just another camera app that lets you take pictures and add captions and other designs, well, it is to an extent, but what’s

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Z Camera & Private Gallery(Review)

With nearly everyone having access to a camera conveniently tucked away in their pocket or purse, it has become essential to have a camera that is productive, fast, and gives

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Motorola acknowledges they need to improve Moto X camera

It is pretty well known that the camera has never been a strong suit of the Moto X.  The significant 13 MP camera upgrade on the 2014 Moto X promoted lots of