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Get this USB type-C charging stand for 33% off today!

Charging your phone is a necessary evil, but it doesn't have to suck. We now have amazing creature comforts like quick charging and awesome...

Gear Up: Unitek charging and productivity accessories

Do you live in a house with multiple smartphone users? Or, maybe you own a handful of devices that need charged via USB. It's...

Samsung offers Note7 owners $100 credit towards the purchase of another Galaxy phone

Earlier this week Samsung urged all Galaxy Note7 owners to power off their devices and stop using them immediately. The Korean tech giant also...

TimeDock: the charger that Pebble users deserve [Review]

As a Pebble Time Round owner, I find myself fumbling with a charging cable every time I need to give my watch a battery...

Satechi 7-port multi charging station review

Quick! How many devices do you own that can be powered or charged by a USB port? Now, how many of those do you...

LG G3 wireless charging dock leaks

After months of rumors, the LG G3 announcement is due tomorrow, May 27. Thus far we've had a lot of leaks and we (think...


Weekend Recommender: Anker, Adonit, Baseus, Novoo, and iDeaPlay

We're back with another round of tech from names you know like Anker and some you don't. Regardless, we think you're going to love everything on our list.

The HTC U12 Plus is now available in Flame Red

HTC's latest flagship effort is called the U12+. The phone builds upon its predecessor, the U11 and adds lots of improvements including dual-cameras on the front and back.

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