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The MPOW Cheetah are a worthy choice for Bluetooth earbuds (review + GIVEAWAY)

I previously sat down and reviewed the Spigen Bluetooth earbuds and really enjoyed the experience. MPOW are a direct competitor in the space and...

HTC Trademark Filings Which Could Prove to be Android-Related

Just as we finished up our post on Samsung trademarks which may (or may not) ultimately be Android-related, we came across a few HTC...


Customize your Android with one of these six highly flexible apps

Let's shake things up and customize your Android. A few minutes with these apps and you'll have a totally different interface or set of features.

Pokemon Go friends, gifts, and trading goes live

Niantic changes the game by introducing Pokemon Go trading, friends, and gift features. Here's what you need to know about the new mechanics and options.

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