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Securing your data and keeping it that way (Promoted)

For companies and businesses out there today, there is nothing more important than securing company and customer/client data and keeping it that way. Nowhere...

[UPDATED] A warning to all Wileyfox owners on Android Nougat 7.1.1

Update: We, as well as the fine folks on Reddit.com/r/Android, are continuing to dig into this but it may not be as clear-cut as...

Stop hackers in their tracks with Google’s 2-Step Verification

Last month Derrick wrote an intriguing piece on steps to take to keep you mobile device safe. In it, he recommends setting up 2-step verification on...


20 charming cityscape wallpapers for your phone

Here are 20 amazing wallpapers that we've handpicked for your device, all around this week's theme of cityscape photography. Can you identify them all?

Blackberry KEY2 Lite (Luna) might be in the works

According to @evleaks, BlackBerry is preparing a cheaper version of its current KEY2 flagship. Dubbed the KEY2 Lite or Luna, the phone might land at IFA.

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