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The Elephone M3 is a whole lot of phone for just $200

Another great deal from gearbest.com brings you an ultra powerful device for just $199.99. Elephone has been on a roll with devices that defy the laws of pricing and smartphones.

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The fully loaded Elephone P9000 comes with Android 6.0 and can be ordered now for $270

The Elephone P9000 is without a doubt a phone you need to checkout. I just put my own personal order in through gearbest.com as they will be one of the

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Order the Letv 1s 5.5″ Android Lollipop 1080p octa-core smartphone for just $200

Letv has a sweet phone for just $200 with free shipping and a 30-day guarantee from everbuying.net. The Letv 1s is on sale for a limited time and it comes

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The unlocked UMI ROME 5.5″ Android Lollipop phone is on sale for $114 for a limited time

One of my favorite topics to write about is unlocked Android smartphones. As you readers become more informed as to the real price of smartphones, you need to consider your

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InfoSonics announces the verykool 6″ Cyprus LTE SL6010 Android smartphone priced at $199

InfoSonics Corporation which is based in my hometown of San Diego, just unveiled its 6″ verykool Cyprus LTE SL6010 today. It is the second generation in the line of Cyprus

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Pre-order the all new Android Lollipop Xiaomi Redmi 3 for $160

Xiaomi sold 70 million smartphones last year and 2016 should be even better. They recently announced the Redmi 3 which is a bargain basement priced smartphone with fantastic specs. You

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Verykool Maverick SL5550 review: Unlocked phones get another strong contender

You may have not yet heard of the verykool brand, and that’s okay. It’s a startup based out of San Diego. The parent company, InfoSonics Corp, has a past history

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Metal-clad Huawei Honor 5X is a fantastic deal, US-bound at $199

Huawei has been making strides lately in the mobile market. The Chinese manufacturer was in no way shy at this year’s CES, bringing a whole round of goodies. It looks

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Order the unlocked Elephone Vowney Lite Android Lollipop smartphone for $240

Some of you may have a little extra cash in your pockets as Christmas just passed, and you might have received money as a gift. Just because you have extra

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The Elephone Vowney is the best Android phone you can get for $300

$300 dollars will get you everything you want in an Android device, including free shipping. The Elephone Vowney is one of the most fully loaded phones of 2015, and best

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Pre-order the Leagoo Alfa 1 Android Lollipop smartphone for $99.99

On a budget? Or simply of tired of paying a ton for phones? I am tired of paying hidden fees with cell phone companies, and simply am going the route

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Full featured octa-core Lollipop smartphones for $300 or less

Do you like premium smartphones? Most of us enthusiasts expect nothing less than HD displays, octa-core 64-bit displays, 4GB RAM and a minimum of 32GB of memory. The phone has

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Order the unlocked all metal Lollipop Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 for $170

Gearbest.com is a leader in providing fantastic unlocked Android phones at great prices. I most recently reviewed the Asus Zenfone 2 which is the first of many smartphones in the

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The Asus Zenfone 2 is the perfect example of why unlocked phones will rule the market in 2016 (Review)

Being a writer definitely has its perks. The last two phones I reviewed were the Google Nexus 6P and the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Both defineĀ  “flagship”, and impress in

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Check out these 5 sub $200 Lollipop smartphone deals

I recently wrote about why unlocked Android smartphones will rule the market in 2016. It doesn’t take much to make a high-powered smartphone these days. There are many up and