Editorial: The future of smartphones is now


Up until recently, it’s seemed like the smartphone industry has been focusing on cramming the highest resolution screen and fastest processor into the largest phone possible before people complained it was the size of a tablet. Many of these smartphones may have been beautiful machinery, ...

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Android, the Freedom to Develop, Customize and Organize


It is exciting to be involved with a rapidly advancing technology that allows participation on an individual level.  As Android fans, we are all involved in shaping an ecosystem that will encompass individuals with a vast expanse of knowledge and needs.  This system gives each individual tools ...

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The Perfect Mobile OS Deserves the Perfect Phone. This Is It.

I loved the Palm OS, but the honeymoon faded quickly.  Same story with Windows mobile.  I had high hopes for the gargantuan in Redmond’s foray into the mobile world only to be disappointed.  It wasn’t long before I was looking for something better.  Android is a different story. We are ...

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Why My G1 Qualifies as a “Smartbook”

My T-Mobile G1 is already a smartbook, is it not? Let me explain.  I can surf the web, check e-mail, download and listen to podcasts, keep up with facebook/Twitter friends, use a variety of instant message clients, use Gmail as a word processor (in a pinch) and actually use this same device as ...

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