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How to use Google Handwriting Input as an alternative to typing on a keyboard

Google released an app called Google Handwriting Input early in 2015 and it aims to make writing easier by using your handwriting to create words and emojis. Whether you choose

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Get the Nexus factory images for Android 6.0.1 here

Like keeping your Nexus device up to date? Who doesn’t!? Google has just let go of the Android 6.0.1 factory images for Nexus devices on its Developers site. Bear in

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Looks like Android users may be getting in on the new emoji action

Noticed any weird squares or random characters from your friends with Apple devices lately? It could be because of a recent update for iOS that has introduced 184 brand new emoji

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Facebook goes beyond Like, trialing new ‘Reactions’

After long-time rumors of a ‘Dislike’ button, Facebook will be trialing a new feature that will allow users to share different reactions to posts on the site. The feature, known as ‘Reactions’, will

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Bitmoji: emojis personalized (review)

In social interactions everyone expresses themselves in their own ways, and on mobile devices this is no different. Emojis are one way in which people can inject their own personalities

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Test your emoji deciphering skills with Guess The Emoji [App of the Day]

Emojis can be used to display emotions to a person you text. They can also be used to describe people, places and things.  But did you know emojis could be used to addict

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New SwiftKey beta brings number key row and emoji

SwiftKey, probably the most popular third-party keyboard for Android, has released a new beta. The new beta version 4.5 includes two major add-ons that have been being clamored for for

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Notable features in Android 4.4 KitKat

Now that Google has finally made the inner workings and features of Android 4.4 KitKat public, what can we expect? Google has posted a lengthy list of features for consumers