The Big List of Stuff We Missed

How about that week of Android news, eh?  The train keeps picking up steam and we’re doing our best to keep up.  We’re really fortunate to have other great Android websites to help with news and rumors.  These sites do a fantastic job of keeping people informed and offer ...

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Froogloid’s Key Ring App Now Free

One of the more convenient apps we’ve come across for Android, Key Ring, is now free.  Froogloid’s app removes the need to carry around membership cards or keep tags on their key chain.  You can scan barcodes directly off of club cards or enter them manually.  As of right now, ...

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App Review: Keyring

I have about 8 mini membership cards on my keys and 2 more cards in my wallet. I’ve wanted to downsize everything for a while and now I finally can. I recently downloaded Keyring from the Android Market for $1.99. It’s developed by Froogloid, the company behind location navigation ...

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AndroidUploads Week in Review

Gonna start up a new weekly series today.  In fact, it will be one of two that we hope you guys will come to enjoy and look forward to.  The first one is a weekly recap of all the Android-related videos and podcasts gathered from around the internet. As some of you might already know,... Read More

App Review: a2b (VIDEO)

Join us today as John takes a look at a2b, by Froogloid.  John really likes the app , calling it very complete.  Judging by the video below, a2b responds very quickly and uses the built-in compass to help users find their way from one point to another.  Dropped on top of Google Maps, it ...

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Froogloid Provides Walkthrough of a2b

The following is a guest post from Froogloid, makers of a2b. Have a look through one of the recent apps to join the Android Market designed to make your life easier. Ever been to an amusement park and forget where exactly it was that your car was parked? You might be interested in this one.... ...

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