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EA begins ending support for several Android games

Electronic Arts (EA) has ended support for several of their mobile games, pulling them off the Google Play as of September 1, 2015.

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Google takes cat videos to the next level

Let’s face it. The internet loves cats. If you don’t believe me, Google search cat videos. Even in the early days, the internet was rife with cat GIFs and memes. Nowhere

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Run The Joint with your old ball and chain (app review)

Every once in a while there are apps that surprise me. Run The Joint is one of those apps. When I first looked at the app I wasn’t really very

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Pokémon GO brings Pokémon to the real world

When Nintendo announced that they would be releasing 5 mobile games by 2017, they created quite a bit of buzz. After all, Nintendo has always been a closed eco-system. Perhaps after

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Minecraft PE adds cross-platform mulitplayer, the Nether, and more

In an unexpected, but not unwanted move. Mojang has released Minecraft PE 0.12.1. While still technically in alpha stage, the new update brings it up to par with the Windows 10

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Dead Weapon: Zombie – a game as dead as its title

I should preface this review by letting you know that I enjoy zombie related media. The Walking Dead is one of my favorite TV shows. I enjoy games like Dead

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Awesome tap action with Clicker Heroes (Game Review)

inding the opportunity to game can be difficult with a busy life and all of the other entertainment options currently available to us. Even more time consuming is sifting past

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Robotory is all about not dying (App Review)

While we may not all be fans of platform games, they certainly provide some entertainment for those who do. Me being one of them, Robotory provided me with addictive gameplay,

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Android Experiments is Google’s attempt to increase creativity on the platform

The Android platform is a diverse one with a large variety of inventive apps and games, but Google would like to take this a step further. In order to further

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Blocky Cars Online: a blocky good time (app review)

Imagine Minecraft. Add a dash of racing, a dash of combat, and viola, you have Blocky Cars Online. Blocky Cars Online overview The first thing you do in Blocky Cars

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Wizards Maze HD: Spooky Fun (App Review)

Halloween might still be a while away, but who says we can’t have a bit of spooky fun? In Wizards Maze, the creepiness comes to life as you find your

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Fallout Shelter finally has an Android release date

Fallout fans with Android devices have been feeling a little jilted ever since E3, when Todd Howard, Game Director at Bethesda Game Studios, announced that along with Fallout 4, Bethesda

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[Limited time offer] 90% off popular game titles in Google Play store

Google is having a great sale on popular game titles in the app store right now.  The offer is up to 90% off the regular price of the games, and

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The Machine: A great maze type game [App Review]

If you happen to be amongst the more privileged of us and have time to spare, you probably enjoy a decent game that takes time and patience to play. Or

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Fallout Shelter puts $5.1M in Bethesda’s vaults in just 2 weeks

Half of all the Fallout fans around the world were ecstatic when Todd Howard, Game Director at Bethesda Game Studios, announced that along with Fallout 4, Bethesda had developed a free