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Nyko Cygnus Bluetooth Controller review: A great companion for your Android gaming needs

I don’t know about you, but I’m not generally a fan of gaming on a touchscreen. Like many gamers out there, my gaming roots are based on using a controller.

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[Deal] Channel your old-school gamer with the NES30 Pro Bluetooth Game Controller

At 25, the original Nintendo was a bit before my time. But it was the second console I ever remember gaming on, other than the Atari (Pong is still amazing).

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[Deal] Save over 30% on the ScreenStick Joystick

We’ve shared a few deals in the past that enhance the gaming experience on mobile devices and we are here again with another one today. The mobile gaming platform is

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[Deal] Save over 20% on the Phonejoy GamePad 2 Bluetooth Controller

Gaming on mobile devices has become increasingly more popular over the last couple of years. Obviously there’s a large gap between mobile gaming, and desktop or console gaming, however people

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SmartPixel screen recorder is a great app that’s easy to use [review]

A prominent feature of gaming today is the ability to record your gameplay for yourself or to share with others. SmartPixel screen recorder by GoPlay stands as one of the

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Google makes it easier than ever to capture and share your favorite gaming moments

Google announced a new way to share your favorite gaming moments using the Google Play Games app. Now when you open the Google Play Games app, you can select the

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YouTube Gaming update lets users livestream gameplay

It seems like Google’s been hard at work behind the scenes, as they today announced an updated version of their YouTube Gaming app. This comes after the initial announcement¬†of the

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The Gamebeat: A portable gaming controller and phone case in one design

Gaming on mobile devices is not as user friendly as controller based setups like you have at home. Playing games like Grand Theft Auto on your Android device is fun

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Is Acer’s Predator 8 tablet a Shield-killer or just a nice try?

Does another promising device bite the dust? At IFA 2015, it was quite obvious that Acer is aggressively pushing its Predator line of elite devices.  There was a whole flashy area

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NVIDIA issues a recall of 8-inch SHIELD tablets

Owners of the 8-inch SHIELD tablets may have been having some issues with their devices overheating a bit. Because this has been an ongoing problem, NVIDIA has announced a recall

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The Razer Serval is now available on the Google Play Store for $80

Gaming on your mobile devices is becoming increasingly more and more popular. It has been for the last few years or so. There have already been a few gaming controllers

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Pay What You Want to become a mobile game developer [DEAL OF THE DAY]

Today’s deal allows you to “Go from Gamer to Game Coder with Stone River eLearning’s Complete Training“. With three different courses, valued at over $500, you won’t have to pay

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Rovio announces Angry Birds 2 coming July 30th

Rovio has announced that the sequel to the original Angry Birds game, will be released on July 30th. Get ready to chase some more of those pesky pigs.

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GameFly Streaming App review

GameFly recently released their new video game streaming app for the Amazon Fire TV. They have support coming to the Fire TV Stick as well. This is great news for

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Easily record your game play with Samsung’s Game Recorder+

Samsung has released an app, named Game Recorder+ that allows users to easily record, edit, and upload game play from select Samsung devices.