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Google is gifting The Beatles to Android users this Holiday season

Just in time for Christmas, The Beatles are set to stream on Google Play and a number of other streaming services, including Slacker, Microsoft Groove etc. A Google blog post says that 13 of Beatles’

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Google announces its ‘best of’ lists for 2015

Google has announced its comprehensive list of the best movies, apps, music, TV shows and games. From Interstellar, to Adele, Fifty Shades of Grey and to my favorite of all

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Google Releases Android Tips and Tricks

Most people in the Android community know what they’re doing, at least on a base level. They know how to check their Gmail, use the browser, tether their device, etc.

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Google Turns G1 into a Kindle of Sorts

The official Google Mobile blog announced yesterday that Android handsets now have the capability of pulling up over 1.5 million books through a mobile version of the Google Book Search.