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Google planning to bring Fiber to three more cities

Having fast internet for your home is one of the most important “necessities” nowadays. Being able to stream is all the craze, especially with devices like the Chromecast, Fire┬áTV, Roku,

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Verizon confirms no data rollover plan

After T-Mobile launched their “Data Stash” rollover program which was quickly followed by another similar program by AT&T, it was expected for Verizon to follow their footsteps instinctively just to

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Google to launch wireless network with help of Verizon, report claims

Google has reached out to Verizon in an effort to help create a wireless network on the back of Google Fiber, says The Information. After also discussing the plans with

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Google to bring faster, free WiFi connections to Starbucks

Once in place, speeds will be 10x faster than the current connections.

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Triad of April Fools jokes comes out of the Google camp

Google has certainly been busy over the past few weeks. Anyone as familiar with the company as a true Android fanatic knows that the big G always indulges in some