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New Google+ feature lets users turn status updates into Hangout opportunities

A new feature for Google+ has been announced today which makes it easy to convert a normal status update/conversation into a Hangout with video.  Let’s say you and your buddies

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AndroidSWAG & AndroidBeanie to Unveil New Product Live on HangoutParty.com Tonight!

  Tune in with the guys from HangoutParty.com tonight at 7:45 CST, as AndroidSWAG and Android Beanie will team up to perform the first product unveiling live! HangoutParty.com is a site, where you can view

News and Rumors 2 Comments

Hangout With “The LG Girl” on Tonight’s AGTN and You Might Win an LG Revolution!

Tonight’s AGTN is gonna be a blast, but you already knew that.  However, did you know that you have until 8pm CST to enter to win a free LG Revolution! Check out this