KeySmart 2.0: A better way to manage your keys, $16.99


There are often times when I feel like an old prison guard with a huge loop of keys at the hip weighing me down from one side. If you’re anything like me, you’ve got more keys than you’d care for but can’t quite leave the house without all of them. This means carrying ...

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Froogloid’s Key Ring App Now Free

One of the more convenient apps we’ve come across for Android, Key Ring, is now free.  Froogloid’s app removes the need to carry around membership cards or keep tags on their key chain.  You can scan barcodes directly off of club cards or enter them manually.  As of right now, ...

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App Review: Keyring

I have about 8 mini membership cards on my keys and 2 more cards in my wallet. I’ve wanted to downsize everything for a while and now I finally can. I recently downloaded Keyring from the Android Market for $1.99. It’s developed by Froogloid, the company behind location navigation ...

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