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225 HD and QHD breathtaking images of places from around the world

Now that summer has passed, it means the kids have gone back to school, the days are shorter and the weather is turning colder....

170 HD and QHD wallpapers of beautiful lights and light bulbs

Every time we get home and flip on the lights, or every time we get in the car and turn on our headlights, we...

140 HD and QHD wallpapers of classic paintings

My favorite painting of all time is A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte by Georges Seurat which resides in the Art Institute...

230 Amazingly beautiful HD and QHD minimalist wallpapers

We collected 230 awesome minimalist HD and QHD wallpapers from around the web for your mobile devices and computers. You really should check them...

150 Minimalist HD wallpapers for your mobile devices

Want to spice up your Android phone without making it too distracting? Start with these minimalist wallpapers for your mobile phone.

[Review] JolyJoy makes minimal design accessible with an LED lamp

I've always been somewhat of a minimalist. Whether it's trying out the One Backpack Lifestyle, or putting together modern architecture boards on Pinterest, I...

130+ HD minimalist wallpapers of colors, macro images and more

Your phone probably has a fantastic display and there is no better way to see the beauty of it than through a wallpaper. We’ve...

Olixar Qi-Tone Alarm Clock Bluetooth speaker (Review)

Clock. Wireless charger. Speaker. Thermometer. Alarm. Check. The Olixar Qi-Tone, from Gearzap.com, is all of those rolled into one minimalist package with built-in NFC and...

25 fantastic icon packs for Android

Switch up the look of your themed Android experience with one of these great icon packs!


Customize your Android with one of these six highly flexible apps

Let's shake things up and customize your Android. A few minutes with these apps and you'll have a totally different interface or set of features.

Pokemon Go trading available to Level 40 players

Niantic changes the game by introducing Pokemon Go trading, friends, and gift features. Here's what you need to know about the new mechanics and options.

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