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The Arlo Audio Doorbell and Arlo Chime have joined the Arlo family of products

Two new products are joining Netgear's security line up the Arlo Audio Doorbell and Arlo Chime.

Next generation home Wi-Fi systems will solve all of your home Wi-Fi problems

We have an ever growing need for better home Wi-Fi with our increasing demands we place on our home networks. Tablets, smartphones, smartwatches, speaker...

5 great mesh networks to make your home WiFi extremely reliable

As more of our technology becomes mobile, the need for strong wireless signals increases.It wasn't that long ago when we went to Blockbuster video to...

Virgin Mobile debuts 4G LTE mobile hotspot in Netgear Mingle

Virgin Mobile USA this week introduced its first 4G LTE mobile hotspot, the Netgear Mingle. Priced $99, the device piggybacks off of Sprint's network...

Netgear R7000 Nighthawk router review

Today we're looking at the Nighthawk, one of Netgear's mot recently released routers to feature dual-band 802.11ac connectivity. Looking every bit like a stealth...

Netgear CEO Sounds Like a Fan of Android

Patrick Lo appears to have a rather strong opinion of how Apple and, more specifically, Steve Jobs approach business. Is the Netgear CEO gunning for Android to win the mobile arms race?
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