Two new shots of the Nexus One (Google Phone)

The Boy Genius Report managed to grab a couple of new shots of the Nexus One (a.k.a Google Phone). What’s different about these two new shots from the myriad of shots that are popping up all over the web is that we can really get a good sense of some of the features everyone is talking ...

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Google Launching “Nexus One” With Help Of T-Mobile ?

My oh my has this been a busy Google Phone weekend! Google, if reports are to be believed, is rumored to launch the GSM unlocked phone known as the “Nexus One” with the help of a familiar friend-T-Mobile USA.  According to Peter Kafka of All Things Digital, Google intends to sell ...

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First Photos Taken On the HTC Nexus One Leaked

Thanks to Picasa, we now have photographs taken by the Nexus One, and while these photographs let us know that the Nexus One’s camera is a pretty good quality one, it also tells us a lot about the phone itself. For one, a quick look at the image size says the phone takes photos at... Read More

The Nexus One is the HTC Passion

Hot off of the tweets yesterday that confirmed the coming of the actual Google Phone, come these photos that were posted on Twitter last night by two different people. @sansivar posted the photo you see here, along with the simple, eponymous “Google phone” caption, but the photo ...

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First Photos of the “Nexus One” Google Phone

The first picture of one of the phones given out by Google, this past weekend, has finally been leaked. If I’m not mistaking, it looks eerily similar to the HTC Passion and somewhat like the Bravo. Rumored to launch in early 2010, the device now goes by Nexus One.  Get used to hearing ...

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