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The Perfect Mobile OS Deserves the Perfect Phone. This Is It.

I loved the Palm OS, but the honeymoon faded quickly.  Same story with Windows mobile.  I had high hopes for the gargantuan in Redmond’s foray into the mobile world only

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Two Good Android-Related Reads

I wanted to pass along a pair of Android editorial/op-ed pieces that were sent my way.  I figured you guys would enjoy – I know I certainly did. Both are

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Trying to Unring a Bell

There’s a rather big stink right now concerning an interview we conducted with Mr. Orion a few weeks ago. Here’s a quick recap of what happened for any of you

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Google Talk for iPhone Shows Apple SDK Restrictions

A few days ago, Google released the official Google Talk app for the iPhone and it’s not exactly what you would expect. The problem I found with it was that

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For the Last Time, There is No Delay

Wow, I could spend the rest of my day putting out fires. It looks like every tech site and cellular blog on the internet is reporting on the “news” that