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Clocks is a dead-simple yet attractive game (review)

Overview The mobile game market tends to have emphasis placed on opposing ends of the spectrum.  On one end you have the very (and sometimes extremely!) grand, detailed, and complex

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Jumpy Word combines elements of Scrabble with Tetris (review)

Overview If your choice in mobile games veers toward your inner ‘word nerd’, then you should consider “Jumpy Word” by evezzon.  This game could be alternatively titled ‘Speed Scrabble’ if

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Keep the music going with Don’t Pause! (App Review)

It’s 5:15 PM. You’re in your car after a hard day of your boss screaming at you. You’re driving home and you have your phone connected to your stereo through

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Save over 80% on a great resource for learning to develop apps with Code4Startup

A new year means a new set of self-imposed challenges. Why not take a gander at coding, programming, and development and create some great apps in the process? With a

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Use the Complete Game Developer Course bundle to take over the Google Play Store

We are still in the early parts of 2016, with everyone hopefully still working towards their New Years Resolutions. Some folks have more than likely chosen to teach themselves to

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Apple Music app for Android: Good looking but lacks features and value – like the iPhone (review)

Apple is notorious for locking down its software and ecosystem by keeping things all to themselves. Apple doesn’t readily share its software and for the most part and has only

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Google running holiday deals on Play Store for movies, music, books and more

I personally get a lot of my media content from the Play Store, so I love when Google randomly throws out a game sale or discount for movies or music.

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Get these 36 Android games at a great price

It’s Christmas time, and it is no surprise to see a whole truck-load of apps and games go on discount in the Play Store. In fact, here’s a list including

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White elephant gift ideas under $25 for tech lovers

That time of gift-giving is quickly approaching. Most of us don’t quite have the cash to gift full-on devices, but that doesn’t mean we can’t give something valuable to those among our friends and

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Google’s new Pixel C is available now at the Play Store

At the most recent Google Nexus release event in San Francisco, we were introduced to the Pixel C and were not given a release date. Well Google just put the

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Avoid the wrath of Zeus with Sisyphus Job (App Review)

There are a slew of various “endless runners” available on the Play Store nowadays. Of course everyone knows about the popular ones like Temple Run, Sonic Dash, and Subway Surfers,

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Google Play Store supports fingerprint authorization for purchases in Android 6.0

With Android 6.0 slowly but surely rolling out to compatible devices, one of the highlighted features of the new software update is the standard fingerprint reading across the Android system.

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Asus ZenWatch 2 available in Google Store now

If you have been waiting for the Asus ZenWatch 2 Android powered smartwatch, the 49mm version in Navy Blue is available for purchase in the Google Store now. It is

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Apple releases app for Android users to switch easily to iOS

In 2007, Apple unveiled the iPhone for the world. After 2008 when the App Store became the place to be with their “There’s an app for that” commercials, Apple always